Our Story

All things are possible to them that Believe.
Chosen One Apparel and Novelties Co.,Inc. is an online retail company that was started by myself, Claude T. Hulsey in January of 2019. This image was derived from the depths of my struggle. Coming from a home where there was a lack of everyday resources, unity and love; I never had a solid relationship with my mother or father. As a child, I had no sense of direction. I made a lot of life changing mistakes. With no guidance caused me to look to my peers for direction in my life. I had to deal with major debt along with other oppositions early in my life including battling with a drug and alcohol addiction that almost took my life. I lost everything I had. I even lost my brother in 2010 to lung cancer. It was the hardest and most difficult moment in my life to lose my little brother. It was as if a part of me died as well. I began to feel as if GOD didn't care anything about me. I felt as if I reached my destiny's end. I remember in around 2007, GOD told me that I would one day have my own clothing brand.
Years later, GOD gave me this image in my deepest and darkest moments. HE called me CHOSEN ONE. I've learned that anyone or anything that is CHOSEN has a PURPOSE. DIVINE PURPOSE surpasses all understanding. GOD has many ways of communicating with us but through this image, HE tells me after all I had been through, I was never alone. I've learn in order to be equipped for battle, you must 1st become developed. The message in this Brand wasn't just for me but for everyone that has had similar struggles. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Regardless of my background or what I had been through, I chose not to be defeated. I'm still here standing strong. I can do all things through CHRIST that strengthens me.This is the attitude I have adapted to. It has made the man I am today. I thank GOD for my struggles because I'm able to help others who's confidence and self-esteem has been broken.
Our motive is to awaken that inner warrior within us all to rise up and fight against every mental and social barrier that has easily beset us. GOD didn’t create for naught but for purpose. This is to the one’s that society has said,” you will never make it or that you’re not good enough”. It’s time for us to seize the moment! Control your own destiny! Re-emerge as a stronger version of yourself! YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!